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I was very excited for our lab trip to the salt flats! I got impatient and upset when there was a big crash that slowed traffic wayyyyy down. I ended up being the last one to get to the lab but thankfully they were willing to wait. 
It was an easy 2 1/2 hour drive that ended at a rest area. Though we were only there about 10 minutes, I realized how cold it was.
We continued on for another 10 minutes to our final destination where we started getting things set up. The lab owner, Jon Canlas, came prepared with some flashes to test them out in one of the brightest spots, because why not? 
I also came prepared with a 
crown because I feel like the creative juices start flowing better with props! Plus who doesn't want to feel like royalty for a bit? 
Some of my favorite colors together are blues with yellows and oranges so the landscape at the salt flats was inspiring. Sometimes I get intimidated being in a new place and trying to create poses off the bat. It's something I'm constantly working on and I felt like the salt flats were a great place to work on it. You basically have no other surroundings to work with so getting creative with posing can be challenging but a must.
Thankfully the MN in me knew how to layer up so being out there, in some water even, wasn't terribly cold. After at least an hour of photographing each other we started our drive back to Orem. I hope to do more shoots at the salt flats while I'm still in Utah! Reach out if you want to book a session.

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