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What your photographer wants you to know

What should you wear?

I honestly think you should wear whatever makes you comfortable! If you have more than one person I would consider picking one color and matching outfits to that color. Neutrals go with anything and anyone! Otherwise have a statement piece and work your outfit around that piece. 
*Be aware of bracelets, watches, hair ties, phones in pockets, I will NOT edit these out in post unless compensated*

How much of a deposit do I require? When is it due?

Deposits are based upon type of photography required. I am lenient on deposits, as long as full payment is made before sending full

edited galleries. 

Can you order prints or albums directly from you?

Photos are meant to be printed! I would prefer to print them but I will also give out printing rights when necessary. 

Can I customize a package to fit my needs?
Absolutely! I prefer to work with everyone individually based on what we're documenting. Payment plans are also an option. 

Do I shoot digitally? With film? Or both?

I currently use a mixture of both digital and film photography for each session. You can custom design your session with only digital, only film or keep it as a mixture! This may alter pricing. 

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