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Bears Ears, Utah Oct. 2022

Our journey began on a Thursday morning, we all met up at the lab and packed up a couple of vans. Once everyone was accounted for, we set off for the Moab area. We stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant and got to enjoy food on the patio. We kept on driving after eating, and got to our destination around 3pm. There was a nice paved loop to see a few different natural bridges. Making stops at each little pit stop, we all grabbed some shots with the mid-afternoon light. 
Our plan had been to take a trail to the House on Fire but we had difficulty finding the correct path. Instead, we did some sunset shooting above the cliffs and near where we parked the vans. 
As we lost the light, we packed up the vans and headed to our Airbnb for the night. It was quite a challenge finding the cabin we were staying in. But once we did, it was magnificent and huge! Everyone went around the cabin claiming rooms and unloading. We enjoyed a huge build- your-own tacos bar and played a fun lab-themed Jeopardy game! 
The next morning, it was kind of a grab what you want breakfast, before we cleaned up, packed up, and got out of dodge. We headed back to where we photographed the night before, but went to a different spot where the trail head began. This time we found the trail to the House on Fire and walked a mile to the location. We spent some time soaking up the sun on the rocks and taking pictures before trekking back to the vans. 
Our goal had been to keep going to another location, but with spotty service, it was hard to say if we would make it. Instead, we stopped at a gas station and had lunch in the parking lot, giving up on our previously desired location. After lunch, we went to the Native American Artifacts museum. It had a ton of great artifacts and information on Native American living in that area. Our Bears Ears trip came to an end once we left the museum. 

*Cameras used: Pentax K1000 and Genos Rapid
*.Film stocks used: FujiColor 200, Velvia50, and Fuji400H


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